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Udayan Kidz Premium Preschool and Daycare centres known for exceptional childcare, educational programs, and safe environments. Our Top-rated preschools and daycare centres offering quality education, care, and enrichment activities for young children. Udayan Kidz : The best preschool with elegant ambience and world class amenities to groom and nurture children to inculcate the highest standards of Values, Innovation, Passion & Trust. Our Pedagogy ensure to carve out the best in an infinite child’s potential to transform Today’s Toddlers to Tomorrow’s Leaders.


PLAY GROUP udayankidz
Age Group : 1-2 Year

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NURSERY udayankidz
Age Group : 2-3 Year

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JUNIOR KG udayankidz
Age Group : 3-4 Year

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SENIOR KG udayankidz
Age Group : 4-5 Year

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Day Care udayankidz
Day Care
Age Group : 2-12 Year

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Why to Choose Us

Planned by the best Minds of the Education World
Planned by the best Minds of the Education World
A vast Variety of Toys to Play and learn
A vast Variety of Toys to Play and learn
Contemporary Technology embeded Classroom
Contemporary Technology embeded Classroom
Designed for Kids to enjoy their best time
Designed for Kids to enjoy their best time
Caring Staffs & Best Teachers
Caring Staffs & Best Teachers
Security & Safety of Children are our priority
Security & Safety of Children are our priority

Safe and secure environment Our focus is to maintain and sustain International Standards of Safety, Security, Health and Hygiene. We provide happy, agile and safe environment for your children by nurturing with utmost CLC- Care, Love & Compassion.

Our approach: We enrich our team through the process of Continuous learning, unlearning the old ways & re-learning the efficient state-of-the-art pedagogy. A dedicated scheme of systematized learning every year, synchronized with Organized, frequent regime of workshops, seminars and knowledge sharing sessions by Subject Matter Experts and field specialists empower the Udayan Kidz family teachers to become premium-quality enablers which is akin to involvement, participation and contribution from each esteemed member. This fosters the joy of experiential learning and thus immensely contribute to our revered facilitator’s growth and all-round development.

Spirited Learning is the order of the daycare.

Expert coaches create environment that is fun-filled and infuses learning with delight.

Our day-care facility is extremely friendly, amicable for the kids to shine and flourish. It is clean, hygienic, calm and most importantly children here are happy and engaged.
Udayan Kidz Preschool & Daycare pioneers the spirit of Innovation & creativity. Application of research from neuroscience to educational and childcare practices.
We offer childcare solutions that best suit an employer’s need. We provide a safe and secure ambience for children to nurture and flourish.
Passion is in the Offering where the kids develop earnest Curiosity to Learn

We have a Dynamic and Adaptable Platform which is easy to use and comprehensive platform called Luminous with a lot of collaborating games and rewarding system that makes learning more exciting. We provide you easy access to the child’s assignments, learning resources, report cards and certificates.

Benefits of Pre-school in child’s life

Early Learning and Development

Play schools introduce basic concepts of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, enhancing cognitive development. Improves comprehension skills and enhances thinking and language skills.

Independence and Confidence

Attending play school helps children develop independence and confidence by being away from their parents in a safe environment.

Interaction with Peers

Play school provides opportunities for children to interact with peers, helping them develop essential social skills like sharing, cooperation, and empathy.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Play school activities, such as drawing, cutting, running, and climbing, enhance both fine and gross motor skills.

Routine and Discipline

Introducing children to a structured environment with routines and rules helps them understand the importance of discipline and time management.



Curiosity and Problem-Solving Skills

Activities and play-based learning stimulate curiosity and improve problem-solving abilities. It enhances their logic and mathematical skills.

Emotional Regulation

Learning to manage emotions and express themselves appropriately in a group setting is a key emotional skill fostered at this age.

Building Friendships

Forming early friendships can boost a child's social confidence and understanding of social dynamics.

Health and Fitness

Regular physical activity during playtime promotes overall health and fitness, laying the foundation for an active lifestyle.


Exposure to new environments and people enhances a child's adaptability and resilience in different situations.


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